Rita Bolieiro (1996, S.Miguel, Açores) is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
She has a Master's Degree in Film & Photographic Studies from Leiden University with a completed elective course of Photography at the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (KABK).
As an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary artist, her interest in writing, academia, and philosophy is usually translated into her visual work. At the same time, when she writes, she never fully abandons visuality.
Resulting from her connection with her island, nature and the sublime are her biggest inspiration. Nonetheless, she defines her work as instinctive and as an exercise of observation where she studies, questions, and analyzes what surrounds and attracts her. Particularly the absurd and the extent to which individuals naturally and subconsciously merge themselves with the landscape that encircles them. 
As a result of her amethodical method, more than series and projects, her visual work frequently renders into loose images.

2019 | MA in Film & Photographic Studies at Leiden University (graduated Cum Laude).
2017 | BA in Artistic Studies - Comparative Arts & Cultures at University of Lisbon (best GPA of the degree in 2017),

2016 | BA in Arts at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary as part of Erasmus Programme.
Work Experience
2019 - Present | Social Media Manager, Curator & Writer at Photogenie.org. Amsterdam (NL).
2020 | Captions Writing Team at World Press Photo. Amsterdam (NL).
2020 | Social Media Reporter & Photographer at Sonic Acts Festival. Amsterdam (NL). Amsterdam (NL).
2019 | Visual Story Curator at MIAP foundation. Amsterdam (NL).
2019 | Social Media Reporter & Photographer at In-Edit Festival NL. Amsterdam (NL).
2019 | On-site staff at Rijksakademie Open Studios. Amsterdam (NL).
2018 | Communication & Audience Development at Lima media art platform. Amsterdam (NL).
2018 | Production & PR at Leiden Short Film Experience (LISFE). Leiden (NL).
2018 | On-site staff at International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Amsterdam (NL).
2018 | On-site staff at Unseen Photography Fair. Amsterdam (NL).
2015 | Photographer & Content Creator at Accional Marketing Company. Ponta Delgada, Açores (PT).
2020 | Artist. Group Exhibition, We never say Never, VAGA. Ponta Delgada, Azores (PT).
2019 | Artist & Co-Curator. Group Exhibition. Women of Bauhaus - ACPA Photography 2: Final Exhibition, Wijnhaven (The Hague)
2019 | Artist & Co-Curator. 
Group Exhibition. Leiden University Open Day,  P.J. Veth (Leiden)
2014 | Artist & Co-Curator. 
Group Exhibition. Through the looking glass: Infusão - Event Chá das Seis at the School of Arts & Humanities of the University of Lisbon. 


Bolieiro, Maria Rita and Griffin, Robin. After 18. 2018. Milton Keys: Lightning Source (UK) Ltd.
Bolieiro, Maria Rita. An Anachronistic Society: on the use of the analog during the digital age. 2019. (Master Thesis).